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Open Air Market

The Beechmont Open Air Market is one of our most beloved neighborhood amenities. The market is set up every Saturday morning, at the corner of Southern Parkway and Wellington Ave., in the parking lot of the Beechmont Baptist Church. The 2023 market is currently underway; the last market of the season is October 14, when we will celebrate with our annual harvest festival!

We are excited to participate in the Seniors Farmers' Market Nutrition Program. Select farmers will accept credits from participants enrolled in the program. Learn more about the program and eligibility. To enroll, visit the South Central Neighborhood Place at 4255 Hazelwood Ave; they can also be reached at 502-485-7130.

For farmers:

Vendors are expected to be familiar with and comply with Kentucky Proud guidelines (grown in Kentucky or within 50 miles of state border) and Kentucky Department of Agriculture rules and regulations pertaining to food handling and processing.

Produce sold should be grown by the vendor and follow Kentucky Proud guidelines.

The sale of produce grown by someone other than the seller requires pre-approval. Any resold produce must meet Kentucky Proud guidelines; include signage to indicate the actual grower; and is limited to 30% of vendor’s total product offering. Exceptions to this rule might be considered to provide products we have previously been unable to offer such as organics, cheese, meat, and grains.

Home-produced products should be labeled properly: Labels should state: name & address of producer; product ingredients; and date produced.

The fee to set up is $75 for the season.

For artisans and crafters:

Artisan products should be handmade in Kentucky. No flea market or yard sale items will be permitted. The fee to set up is $40 for the season.

For all vendors:

For those wishing to become vendors during an upcoming season, the application will be available in early 2024. Please watch the Beechmont Neighborhood Association Facebook page for any additional announcements.

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